Dental bridges are the simplest prosthetics that help to restore an extracted tooth. In most cases, they are made from tooth-colored ceramic material and are custom-fabricated in a dental laboratory. They effectively restore the aesthetics as well as the functionality of the mouth.

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How is a bridge held in place?

When it comes to prosthetic teeth, patients have options such as dental implants, bridges or dentures. Implants are fixed to the jawbone, whereas dentures are removable appliances. In the case of bridges, they are held in position by crowns on either side. The crowns will be attached to the prosthetic tooth and they will be bonded to the teeth adjacent to the gap that is being filled. The crowns do a great job at holding the bridge in position and prevent it from slipping or breaking off.

How good is the appearance of a dental bridge?

Since a bridge is made from ceramic, its color, texture, translucency, and contour can be mimicked exactly with that of the natural teeth. In fact, even if anyone takes a closer look at the restoration, they would hardly be able to spot the differences between the bridge and your natural teeth. Every aesthetic aspect of the bridge will be looked into in detail and it will be fabricated to perfection.

Comparison between a bridge, dentures, and an implant

  • A bridge can be used to replace just a tooth or two. Implants can be used to restore just one missing tooth or even multiple teeth. Sometimes, an entire dental arch can be mounted on just 4 implants. Dentures, on the other hand, can be fabricated to replace a selected few teeth or all the teeth, as per the requirement.
  • Getting a bridge wouldn’t require surgery. A thin layer of enamel will be removed around the adjoining teeth and the bridge will be bonded in place. With dentures, surgery may be required to remove any remaining teeth. Otherwise, scans and molds will be taken to fabricate them. In the case of an implant, surgery is a must as it is inserted into the jawbone.
  • Bridges are fixed to the teeth using dental crowns. Dentures are removable appliances and can be taken off whenever you have to sleep or clean your mouth. Implants are firmly fixed to the jawbone, making them quite sturdy.
  • The procedure to get a bridge is quite simple. In fact, it is one of the simplest means of replacing an extracted tooth. With dentures, the number of teeth to be replaced are more, and hence, it would require more time. Implants require extensive planning and the conditions to be satisfied to confirm the candidacy are more. They require a few months of healing time as well.

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