Teeth Whitening

Do you feel that you have dull and stained teeth every time you look at yourself in the mirror? Discoloration of teeth is a pretty common issue among individuals belonging to all age groups. Generally, teeth stain as a result of aging, where the enamel gradually wears off and the dentin becomes apparent. This makes the teeth look yellowish in color.

Apart from this, teeth also discolor due to the excessive consumption of colored foods, plaque accumulation, improper brushing that leaves a lot of microbes on the teeth surfaces, chewing tobacco, etc. Getting these stains removed can become quite tricky and it is best if done by a professional dentist. Dr. Browning has served the people of the Bay Area for over a decade now and has helped hundreds of patients achieve better smiles.

Which is the simplest teeth whitening procedure?

In-office teeth whitening is one of the most widely preferred and simple teeth whitening procedures. It can be finished in as less as one visit to the dentist’s office. A whitening gel rich in hydrogen peroxide will be applied on the teeth and spread evenly. The gel liberates oxygen molecules, which enter the pores of the teeth and help to remove the coloring particles. Depending on the severity of staining and the level of whitening you desire, the procedure may be repeated multiple times.

Can I whiten my teeth at home?

Of course! For people who feel more comfortable getting their teeth whitened at home, we can offer customized teeth whitening trays. When you visit our practice, we take a highly precise mold of your teeth and use it to fabricate the trays from dental-grade plastic. You can wear them at the comfort of your house along with a whitening gel. It prevents the interference of saliva with the gel, thereby providing better results.

I’m on a tight schedule. What’s my best option?

Laser teeth whitening is the quickest and most effective way of whitening the teeth. We use a photosensitive whitening gel for this purpose. It will be applied on the teeth and activated using a laser of a specific wavelength. Upon activation, foam is produced that gets rid of the stains in a very short span of time. In fact, it can be completed in as less as one hour. If you’re on a busy schedule and can’t spend a lot of time on it, laser teeth whitening is your best option.

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