Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are a boon to dental science. The images taken using x-rays provide an unparalleled view of the internal parts of the mouth such as the tooth roots, jawbone, supporting tissues, etc. All this comes with minimal exposure to radiation, courtesy of our advanced x-ray device.

What are digital x-rays used for?

In dentistry, digital x-rays are used to reveal the underlying issues that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Some of them are as follows:

  • Damage to the teeth, such as minute hairline cracks, chipping, broken root structure, etc.
  • Dormant and hidden cavities
  • Jawbone deterioration and shrinkage due to tooth extractions
  • Signs of oral cancer such as tumors, unwanted growth of tissues, warts, tissue decay, etc.
  • Drifting of the teeth that could lead to malocclusion
  • Gum line issues
  • Fractures in the teeth or jawbone due to external trauma

Our team of experts makes sure your body isn’t exposed to dangerous levels of radiations. The equipment we use for this purpose is one of the most advanced and low-radiation devices in the market at the moment. Moreover, we only recommend dental x-rays if the situation absolutely calls for it.

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