Dental Bonding

Bonding is a process of applying a composite resinous material on the surface of the teeth that are either damaged, cracked, misshapen, or severely stained. It is a non-invasive procedure and helps to save the natural tissues of the teeth. In fact, it strengthens the tooth structure and reduces its chances of failure.

Why should you choose composite bonding?

  • Dental bonding is a very simple procedure that can be completed in as less as one visit to our practice. It wouldn’t require any complicated surgery, long healing time, and in most cases, there wouldn’t even be a need for anesthesia.
  • The visual similarity that composite bonding material can have with the natural enamel is just amazing. It’s color, texture, translucency, etc. can be perfectly matched with that of the natural teeth.
  • The putty-like material that is applied on the surface of the teeth can be shaped as required. The shape of the tooth can be restored to normal with high precision, thereby avoiding any suspicion of tooth restorations when someone sees you smile.
  • The bonding material wouldn’t break off or get dislocated easily as it firmly adheres to the teeth surface. You can bite and chew food without worrying about your restoration failing. However, just don’t rip open plastic bags or open bottle caps using your teeth as this could damage it!

How is the procedure carried out?

Prior to starting the treatment, we would screen your teeth to check for certain factors that may affect the procedure. The strength of the teeth, the extent of structural damage, the severity of cavities, oral infections, etc. are some of the factors that we take into account. The bonding material will be prepared by matching the color, texture, and translucency with the natural enamel.

A thin layer of enamel may be removed in certain cases. The tooth may then be etched using a suitable solution to roughen its surface. This allows the resin to firmly adhere to the tooth surface. Multiple layers of resin will be applied on the tooth and shaped accordingly. They will be hardened using a curing light and finally, polished to give the tooth just the right amount of luster. At the end of the procedure, your tooth will be back to its ideal appearance and you wouldn’t even be able to distinguish the restoration from the natural enamel.

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