Multiple Dental Implants

Losing multiple teeth due to cavities, infections or external trauma can be disturbing. It affects the functionality of the mouth, causes discomfort, jawbone deterioration or shrinkage, and can entirely affect the facial shape. To prevent all these disadvantages, we suggest you get them replaced using ‘implant bridges’.

Most people would’ve heard about dental implants and dental bridges. But very few have an idea about fixed implant-supported bridges. A metal implant will be inserted into the jawbone, after which dental bridges will be attached to it. The implant gives more stability and strength to the bridge, making it a reliable tooth restoration.

How is the implant bridge surgery carried out?

A thorough screening process would be carried out to check for cavities, infections, gum diseases, the overall state of health, jawbone size, etc. The implant will be inserted into the jawbone with high precision and allowed to heal for a few months’ time. This gives the implant enough time to firmly adhere to the jawbone as well as the gums to heal and regrow around the metal stud.

During the next appointment, the ceramic bridges, which would’ve been pre-fabricated in a dental laboratory, would be attached to the implant. A connecting element called an abutment and dental adhesives will be used for this purpose. The dentist makes sure that the bridge fits perfectly and the bite will be checked. It may be polished to enhance the appearance.

What are the advantages of implant bridges?

  • Whenever there are two or three missing teeth adjacent to each other, implant-supported bridges are the best way to restore them. In comparison to bridges, that are held in place by crowns, implant bridges offer better stability and strength.
  • The jawbone may shrink due to the extraction of the teeth. But, when the implant is inserted into the jawbone, its extent of deterioration will be reduced significantly, thereby preventing a change in the facial shape.
  • Considering the lifespan of the restoration, it usually lasts longer than traditional bridges and dentures. Implant bridges also offer better comfort, functionality, and aesthetics over the long-term.

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