Dental Technology

A successful dental practice is a combination of quality service and state-of-the-art dental technology. At Valley Dental, we give a lot of prominence to these aspects as we would only like to give our patients the very experience when they visit us. Dr. Browning has treated numerous patients over her long-spacing career and helped them get better smiles.

Intraoral camera

The oral structure is a complex one and it requires trained hands to handle. Viewing the intricate details of the patient’s mouth can sometimes get tricky as observing and analyzing the minute details and changes in tissue patterns can’t be done by the naked eye. In such cases, an intraoral camera would be of great help. It allows us to carefully analyze and take pictures of the difficult-to-view parts of the mouth. It can save the dentist and the patients tons of time as it instantly relays the images on to a screen.

Digital x-rays

X-rays are a boon to dentistry. The images captured using x-rays allow us to view the internal parts of the mouth, such as the teeth, gums, jawbone, tooth roots, etc. in a better way. Using dental x-rays, we would be able to able to get a good idea of the alignment of the teeth, their spacing, bone deterioration, etc. In case there are any cracks or hidden cavities that aren’t visible to the naked eye, x-rays allow us to analyze them carefully. Moreover, the x-ray that we use at Valley Dental, Cupertino reduces the exposure to radiation by up to 90 percent, which is truly amazing.

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