Cosmetic Dentistry

The beauty of your smile is just as important as your oral health. It gives you immense self-confidence to flaunt your beautiful smile while talking, smiling or posing for pictures. Such is the positive effect a smile can have on your day-to-day activities, putting you at a psychological advantage.

At Valley Dental, we give a lot of importance to the appearance of one’s smile along with making sure their oral health is at its finest. Dr. Browning, over the past decade, has treated numerous patients from around the Bay Area and helped them get the smile that they always wanted.

What does cosmetic dentistry offer?

Cosmetic dentistry includes procedures such as crowns, veneers, bridges, teeth whitening, oral prophylaxis, gum contouring, among others which enhance the beauty of one’s smile. Some of these procedures not only give you a better smile but also strengthen your teeth and improve their functionality.

Dull smile? We can handle it

Discoloration of teeth is pretty usual in individuals who consume a lot of colored foods, do not brush their teeth thoroughly, smoke/chew tobacco or drink a lot of beverages. All these can leave a layer of staining on the surface of the teeth, imparting a yellowish/brownish color to them. Teeth whitening involves the use of a whitening gel, rich in hydrogen peroxide, to remove the coloring particles from the pores of the enamel. At the end of the procedure, which may be repeated multiple times based on the level of staining, you’ll have a bright smile that you can’t resist flaunting often.

Get your damaged teeth restored

The enamel, despite being the hardest part of the human body, can undergo chipping or cracks when excessive forces are applied on the teeth. This can make the teeth look misshapen and let the pulp be vulnerable to the microbes in the mouth. We can restore such teeth using veneers or crowns, thereby bringing them back to their original shape and preventing a root canal infection.

Replacing missing teeth

Missing teeth are definitely a major letdown and can entirely take away your smile. Not getting them replaced using prosthetics could lead to drifting of teeth, malocclusion, TMJ disorder, toothache, etc. Hence, we offer solutions such as dental implants, bridges, and dentures to restore your missing teeth. They would look exactly like your natural teeth, which would avoid attracting unnecessary attention. No one would know that it is a fake tooth unless you tell them yourself.

Get your gums shaped perfectly

Gum diseases can not only upset your oral health but also make your gums look displeasing. The gums can decay, recede, swell up, and look inflamed. The infected gum tissues can be removed using laser technique and healthy tissues, that are extracted from a different part of the mouth, can be grafted to the affected area.

In case you have multiple conditions, then a smile makeover would be the perfect solution to treat all of them and give you the perfect smile.

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